Lugaia AG Containment Solutions

Lugaia AG Containment Solutions

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Swiss precision and cutting-edge technology since 2006:

Lugaia’s strengths lie in providing market-ready, single-use film products and solutions for customers who rely on hygiene process technology. Our film systems are manufactured in clean rooms and after use can be safely discarded. This greatly reduces your need for expensive and time-consuming cleaning processes as well as associated qualification procedures that can be costly. This promising technology was only introduced to the largest pharmaceutical companies about 20 years ago. Since then, market demand has increased and Lugaia AG has continued to grow. In 2009, the company employed around ten people. Since then, the team has grown to more than 45 people. Lugaia offers superior standardized products across a wide variety of quality classes. They are well established, with the infrastructure and expertise required to develop custom hygiene process solutions of the highest quality.



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