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BAGGI®, established in 1947 as a family business and LTD since 1975, provides design, engineering, production, sale, installation, maintenance and certification of Instrumentation and Industrial Process Analysis Systems for measurement and control of physical and chemical parameters.

Thanks to the collaboration with Liebherr, our range of instrumentation includes Systems for Moisture Measurement in Bulk Materials which have been used for decades in a wide range of sectors to measure the moisture content of the product continuously, directly in the processing line, in real time.

Among the strong points:
-Accuracy up to 0.05%
-Response speed up to 40 measurements per second
-Continuous measurement directly in the production process, without need of sample collection and subsequent analysis in the laboratory
– Measurement of product humidity up to 5 cm deep and not only on the surface, even in the presence of a body (transparent to electromagnetic waves) that separates the sensor from the material.
-The sensors can be installed on conveyor belts, in chutes, dryers, tanks, pipelines and many other measurement points.



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