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AISEC – Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo dell’Economia Circolare) is a non-profit association founded in 2015 that aims to promote, disseminate and apply the concept of circular economy both nationally and internationally. AISEC’s mission is to be an effective national reference point for businesses and public and private entities, capable of providing tools to foster the circular economy model.


Costruzioni in 1952, Costruzioni is the first Italian trade journal dedicated to construction site mechanisation, demolition, drilling, soil consolidation and quarry management. The magazine provides timely information on technical and functional innovations in earthmoving machinery, site equipment and transport. It deals with the rental, sale and service of machinery and equipment and draws attention to safety and environmental regulations.


Change comes from a generation of entrepreneurs and professionals contributing to the creation of companies and leverage technology, building a positive and sustainable value for the whole surrounding environment.

GELLIFY trusts in people who are able to find the right place and time to make the innovation start. Sometimes they need a vision able to get them together, to collaborate and generate more and more transforming energy. Some of them have an impact on large corporations and need support in making their projects flourish and more fluid. Some other brilliant minds create their emerging startups and are just searching for a drive to get themselves off the ground and become solid.

From liquid to solid, from solid to fluid: GELLIFY goes along with already consolidated and structured companies towards a future that is already here making them act in a more flexible, digital way, abreast with the new normal.


Industrie Alimentari 1962, Industrie Alimentari has been the magazine for technological, scientific and market trends in the food industry. Each issue focuses on technical-scientific articles written by renowned collaborators from universities and food research centres.

Industry Chemistry is the digital magazine dedicated to the world of industrial chemistry.

Browsing, the industry professional can find information on the Italian and international chemical industry panorama, sector events, current affairs and market news.

The sectors covered by the publication are: Petrochemical, Oil&Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Environment and Energy.

EDIFIS_L'Industria della Gomma

L’Industria della Gomma’Industria della Gomma is a monthly magazine (10 issues per year) founded in 1957. It is a widely read magazine for all companies producing rubber and other elastic compounds and articles, for their suppliers of raw materials, machinery and equipment, for economic, technical and scientific institutions and for a selected number of industrial companies using rubber articles.


Radio Brunno

Radio Bruno is a local private radio station based in Carpi (Modena). It is considered a superstation, as it broadcasts in several regions with high ratings.
Founded in May 1976, it now broadcasts throughout Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany (good part), Lombardy (part), Piedmont (part), Marche (part) and in the province of La Spezia in Liguria. On some frequencies in Lombardy it modulates at various times of the day on the Radio Vera network, which for some years now has been known as Radio Bruno Brescia on the following frequencies and locations: (92.20 from Brione (BS), 93.30 from Brescia (BS), 94.70 from Viadanica (BG), 98.90 Darfo Boario Terme (BS)).


PET Food & Animal Feed Technology

PET FOOD &ANIMAL FEED TECHNOLOGY is a special edition for the pet food industry in Italian and English. It provides insights into innovative technologies and solutions, giving readers the latest market trends and a glimpse of the future.

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Recycling Remediation Demolition

RECOVER Recycling Remediation Demolition, pubblicato da DEA edizioni, è il trimestrale di informazione tecnica per i settori del riciclaggio e gestione dei rifiuti, delle bonifiche ambientali, delle demolizioni e del decommissioning industriale. DEA edizioni si occupa inoltre dell’organizzazione di eventi e convegni e gestisce il portale fornendo, sia sul cartaceo che sul web, uno sguardo a 360° su argomenti sempre attuali consentendo un aggiornamento continuo su tematiche di sicuro interesse.

Logo_Recycling Industry

Recycling Industry Industry is an online magazine for technologies and processes for the recovery of diverse materials. Recycling requires constant technical and economic review. From an environmental point of view, it is indispensable, and represents a great opportunity for industry.

Recycling Industry magazine is an innovative, bilingual and cross-platform information medium. It offers global visibility, active participation and the opportunity for equipment and technology providers, recycling companies and authorities to enter into dialogue.

In addition, the publisher also publishes the “Guida alle Tecnologie per l’Ambiente”.



TECNALIMENTARIA FOOD INDUSTRY is a bi-monthly magazine published in Italian and English. It gives machinery and equipment users regular news and an outlook on the technologies and trends in the sector.


Tecna Plastics & Rubber

Twice a year the TECNA PLASTICS & RUBBER is published twice a year and provides readers with a comprehensive overview.
overview of the cutting-edge technologies, trends and innovations in the plastics and and rubber industry.


Tecnica Molitoria by operators, owners, purchasing managers, technicians and researchers from the following sectors: Mills/silos, feed mills, fresh pasta, industrial pasta factories, pet food.


BulkSolids portal

Schüttgut-Portal (German) and BulkSolids-Portal (English) is the bulk solids handling and processing portal for Germany and surrounding countries since 2004, providing an overview of suppliers, products, news and events.



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