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We have been involved since 1983 in the Environmental and Social Sustainability and today we have included these experiences in our management strategies and in the technologic projects, targetted to the efficiency of the enterprises activity.

In 2007 we have created the trade-mark BYinnovation which develops the culture in the entrepreneurs and in the management community about the practices of efficiency and competitive innovation.

We have gathered an integrated team of suppliers of qualified products and services, including the financial solutions for the sustainability of the innovative investments, working in partnership with our clients to get the best solutions for their productive system.

The Responsible and Innovative Efficiency, supported by the qualified solutions and technologies, is the effective tool for winning the international competition, thanks the new commercial added value, and for reaching a sustainable developing model.

We are committed to increase the sensitivity and the awareness in every stakeholder, regarding the themes that concern Sustainable Innovation, Efficiency,  Competitiveness.

We have the right responses to the needs for the efficiency in the corporate users, already available on the market, but often unknown, due to an ineffective communication

Cosmetic Technology

Cosmetic Technology was founded in 1998 as an indispensable leading medium for the cosmetics and personal care sector and has been expanded over the years to include new areas and services.

The scientific section contains articles on various topics: from new technologies in the cosmetics sector to the functionality and safety of new ingredients, from innovative methods to the latest formulations.

The section dedicated to companies includes:
– Descriptions of new ingredients, their properties, efficacy and applications.
– Forms of companies for various cosmetic preparations (sunscreens – hair care products – hygiene products, etc.).

ICF - Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica

ICF – Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica covers the chemical and pharmaceutical supply chain. The synergy between print and digital publications offers companies a 360-degree communication opportunity.

ICP - Rivista dell'Industria Chimica

ICP – Rivista dell’Industria Chimica is the monthly magazine for decision makers and technicians in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries in Italy. It is mainly addressed to plant managers, purchasing and maintenance managers, plant engineers.

ICP has been on the market since 1973 and addresses the needs of B2B communication between customers and suppliers, reporting on process chemistry issues that are in constant technological evolution.

The magazine is the official organ of AIDIC, the Italian Association of Chemical Engineers.

Innovazione in Botanicals

Substances obtained from nature are increasingly at the basis of innovative dynamics in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional industries. Their use is expanding rapidly, meeting the favor of consumers and the directions taken by institutions and administrations in the direction of ever greater ecological sustainability of production policies.

This phase is supported by the continuous production of scientific studies on the complex biological activities of botanical derivatives and by the entry into the field of innovative biotechnologies applied to the production of functional substances.
Innovation in Botanicals, a new technical-scientific magazine aimed at all the protagonists of this trend, wants to testify and document this lively activity of producing new knowledge.

It welcomes scientific works and thematic reviews, reports on national and international projects, documentary reports on innovative products and processes. It has updated columns curated by young researchers and consultants on modern approaches to the valorisation of plant derivatives, such as circular economy models, the principles underlying the exchange and sharing of knowledge, the different technical-applicative outlets of original materials vegetable, technological advances in the search for quality.

La Plastica Oggi e Domani

Plastics Today and Tomorrow provides information and news for the entire plastics industry chain.

The synergy between print and digital publications offers plastics companies a 360-degree communication opportunity.

L'Integratore Nutrizionale

Founded in 1998, it is a technical-scientific magazine dedicated to dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods. For several years, each issue of the magazine has been characterized by a focus composed of articles, ingredients and finished products linked by the specificity of the subject.

Studies and research on the latest raw materials and the most innovative products are presented, their testing, safety and efficacy are analyzed, and information on legal aspects is provided, as well as in-depth coverage of topics of interest.

Since 2014, L’Integratore Nutrizionale has increased the magazine’s circulation among pharmacies and pharmacists, who more and more need a tool to keep up to date and advise their customers.

In the supplement, the reader can benefit from the topics from a technical-scientific point of view.

Quarry & Construction

Quarry and Construction is a trade magazine with more than 50,000 readers that, since 1964, has been aimed at all the players in the world of quarries, crushers and earthmoving machinery, at construction, building and road building companies, at precasters, at large public and private clients, and at the technical offices of central and peripheral public institutions. With its sections on “Quarries and Construction Sites”, “Machinery and Materials”, “Soil and Subsoil” and “Roads and Construction”, it has represented for more than fifty years, thanks to its multilingual online version, a valid and unique reference and information point for the entire construction world in Italy and abroad.

Recycling- demolizioni&riciclaggio

Recycling-demolizioni e riciclaggio is a bimonthly magazine which is specialized in environmental issues, and which has been launched in 1996. There is both a print and an online version. RECYCLING, with its columns and detailed studies, means to be both a meeting point and a valid source of information, suggesting concrete proposals to manage the entire production cycle of MSW waste and construction and demolition waste, environmental cleanups, environmental enhancement and energy recovery from waste. Each issue of RECYCLING is like a window looking out on the most heated issues that characterize the debate in the field of environmental protection and recycling. Through reportages, special studies and in-depth analysis this magazine gives information about the sectors of demolitions and environmental cleanups, of machinery, recycling plants and equipment, recycled materials and environmental technologies. is our multilingual web portal that proposes the contents of the print version of the magazine and, thanks to continuous updating, integrates them by exploiting the peculiarities of the medium.


rePlanet – the magazine is primarily dedicated to topics related to plastics recycling and the circular economy. In order to shed light on all points of view, diverse opinions are gathered and contrasted, and various technical innovations and regulations are highlighted. A new way to give a voice to those who, for ethical reasons – and even before they think of their own business – focus on plastics recycling and the circular economy.

Tecnoedizioni Group

TecnoPlast is a monthly magazine for the plastics industry that combines technical and economic information and presents market trends and innovations in the fields of machinery, components, materials and production systems.

TecnoFood summarizes news and specialties from the food technology sector. It presents the best players in the sector, the most experienced technicians and all the information about the world of food at close range, focused on the main international trade fair events.

Tecnologie Alimentari

For more than 30 years, Tecnologie Alimentari has been a recognized medium for all areas of the food processing supply chain.
The synergy between print and digital publications offers a 360-degree communication opportunity to suppliers of solutions, technologies and ingredients for the food industry.

La Subfornitura

La Subfornitura provides information and current insights for the contract manufacturing sector.

The synergy of print and digital publications offers suppliers, manufacturers of components and technological solutions for the mechanical engineering industry an integrated communication medium.



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