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REMBE offers customers safety concepts for plants and equipment of all kinds across all industries. All products are manufactured in Germany and meet the requirements of national and international regulations. The customers of REMBE products include market leaders in various industries, including oil & gas, food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. REMBE pursues a holistic approach in which consulting, engineering and service complement the products, which are primarily developed and manufactured in-house.

The independent family business, founded in 1973, employs around 250 people worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in Brilon/Hochsauerland, the company has 9 subsidiaries that provide local support to customers worldwide. Short coordination channels allow fast reactions and customized solutions for all applications: from standard products to high-tech special designs. Among the most important products and processes developed in-house are the KUB® buckling bar reverse rupture disc and the technology of flameless pressure relief.

REMBE is involved in various technical committees worldwide and actively participates in the conception and development of international standards and regulations.



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