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Swiss multinational company involved in the production and marketing of steel fabrics, used for the manufacture of filter systems and screening products, suitable for all industrial sectors. A company that produces its fabrics in its Swiss and German factories, while the packaging of the finished product is made in Italy directly in order to guarantee the best and most accurate service to customers in the local market.
Bopp Italia srl is able to meet all requirements at the level of filtration and screening, with a full range of materials, with openings from 1 micron to over 100 mm; the materials used are AISI304, AISI316 and AISI316L and nickel alloy HC22 for special needs of resistance to chemical attacks.
The company is able to provide a service of complete realization of the filter according to the customer’s drawing, or revamping of the same, as well as the supply of fabric rolls, in various width and length sizes
In the screening and sieving business. The company is able to supply both new screens, as well as offer remeshing service of existing screens.
At the completion of the cycle, company is able to supply laboratory sieves, with made-in-Italy product as packaging, with Swiss nets calibrated according to UNI, ISO and ASTM standards, with sieves from 76 to 400 mm in diameter.
The main sectors in which the company operates, are pharmaceutical filtration and water treatment, where the experience gained over the years, make Bopp a leader in the world. Bopp in any case, also serves the food sector, the automotive sector, the chemical and petrochemical sector and the screen printing sector with top quality worldwide. Specific screen printing fabrics in the world of ceramics, glass and electronics give Bopp a dominant position globally due to the quality of the product.
The operators involved in production are highly specialized and certified according to the standards of the various processes.



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