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CSV Containment is the branch of CSV Life Science Group with strong expertise in containment systems for high potent API design, construction and integration.
The production, entirely realized in its Italian facilities, reflects the attention and care the Group is always paying to its products.
CSV Containment is able to satisfy to the most demanding requirements thanks to its deep knowledge of the processes that shall be contained and because of its capability of machine a wide range of special materials for both rigid and flexible isolators.

CSV Containment can provide:

• RIGID solutions
– Full CGMP design and CFR 21 part 11 compliance
– OEB 4 to 6 containment strategy definition and equipment manufacture
– Exposure control procedures definition
– Atex design
– Patented drums docking technology (DIT + logo)
– Full range of sampling, dispensing and synthesis isolators
– SMEPAC testing for isolator release
– Materials:
o 304/316/316L Stainless steel
o & Hastelloy C-22
o Polycarbonate

• FLEXIBLE solutions
– Full service for design, manufacture and installation of flexible containment equipment
– Primary and secondary process equipment isolation
– Full CGMP design
– Wide range of low density antistatic polyethylene available in different thicknesses and formats
– QC testing on income raw materials for thickness, surface electrical resistance control and film robustness
– SMEPAC testing for isolator release

DIT® Technology
To overcome and improve the traditional Bag In Bag Out procedure, which is used worldwide to couple drums in isolation technology applications, CSV Containment has designed and manufactured a Double Iris Interface (DIT®) system, an innovative device for drum handling, containment and automation. The DIT® system can be placed on both rigid and flexible isolators and consists of a cylindrical passage box with full-diameter opening and closing ends by means of an elastic elastomer diaphragm instead of folding doors. The double elastic barrier allows to minimize the contact surface of the drum with the internal atmosphere of the contaminated chamber and to automate the insertion and extraction operations. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a negative or positive pressure difference between the double iris passage box and the adjacent chambers.



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