Erimaki Snc

Erimaki Snc

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We manufacture and sell screens and circular vibrating screens, sieves and electrical sieving machines, rotary separators and static separators, direct discharge screens, tumbler screens.

Productivity and professionalism in screening and separation: this has been our company’s philosophy for over thirty years. During this long period, we have gained the experience required to become one of the leading companies in our sector and, above all, to offer the market and our customers a great capability to assess and resolve the issues related to sieving, separation, dedusting and filtering for a very wide range of products in different industries: food, plastic, pharmaceutics, chemical, cosmetics, recycling, energy and many more.

During these years, we have constantly improved our product quality through the selection of our suppliers, the careful search for the materials and the continuous training of our personnel. Our most distinguishing feature is our great operational and manufacturing flexibility, allowing us to provide customers with tailored solutions specifically designed to meet even their most demanding needs. As an additional service, besides, we pay the utmost care to the timing and execution of maintenance and/or repair operations on the machine.

In ERIMAKI all this is made possible by the professionalism and help of all our in-house collaborators. It’s our way to thank customers for the trust they have placed in us.



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