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The dense phase pneumatic conveying system conveys the product at low speed, using a small amount of gas and reducing the energy consumption.
The product moves along the pipes slowly, remaining fluid and avoiding damages and un-mixing.
GVF Impianti’s technology prevents contamination between the transported materials through a process control that executes cleaning cycles at every change of product.
To improve the production quality and to control all the production processes, we realize and test in-house all the vessels according to the PED regulation 2014/68/UE.

Two main types of dense phase pneumatic conveyor explain the production range for non-abrasive products and in general in sectors like food, pet-food, plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors:
▸ GA – with loading butterfly valve suitable for normal wearing products. These conveyors can be supplied both in dense phase with a cleaning cycle after each launch, in extra-dense phase for fragile products or products’ mixing and in HP version (High-Performance) for long distances and big hourly capacities. They can also be equipped on load cells for the material weighing before transport or supplied in Atex classified version.
▸ GA COMBO – compact and modular for reduced available space. This conveyor is equipped with both the pneumatical and the electrical panel installed on board the machine.

The pneumatic conveying system can be supplied both in carbon steel and in stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316).

▸ An automatic management system
▸ A low wear of pipelines and bends
▸ Reduced product un-mixing
▸ A very low air consumption
▸ An efficient air/product ratio
▸ No mechanical moving parts
▸ Low operational and maintenance costs


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